Pacific Ezy can help you with a range of services:

Sending money to and from Samoa in 3 EZY steps

1.    Visit any Pacific Ezy office (Samoa or NZ) or authorised agent in NZ
2.    Complete Pacific Ezy transfer form and ID requirements
3.    Call receiver and give them their receipt number for reference.

Transfers can be uplifted within 45minutes.  Receivers must produce acceptable ID.


New ID requirements are now being implemented for money transfers. Please  click here to view new ID requirements under the  Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Countering Financing Terrorism (CFT) Act 2009.

Pacific Ezy Membership Card  
Register as a Pacific Ezy Member and receive your own card with your membership number.  All you need is Proof of Address + Primary Photo ID or Proof of Address +Secondary Photo ID+1 Other form of ID
A Registration Form could be downloaded here or visit one of our Offices or authorised agents to fill out a registration form.  Please note if you are registering from an Agent you will need to have a coloured copy of your ID and documents already verified by any one of the following who is not related to you (eg sibling, parent, partner, extended family) or resides at the same address.   Your membership card will be posted to you once we have received the verified documents from the agents.  If you register at one of the offices you will be able to receive your card immediately.

  • Justice of the Peace
  • Registered lawyer
  • Registered medical doctor
  • Registered teacher
  • Minister of Religion
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Police

(source: Identity Verification Code of Practice 2011)

Money transfers and deposits
You must hold a Pacific Ezy Membership Card to be able to process transfers by Direct Credit and Internet Transfers.

Direct Transfer

Use your internet banking to transfer your funds into our account.  'Pacific Ezy' is on all major banks payee list.  You will need your membership number to process this transfer.  Once done call our office or email your details of your transfer and we will be able to action it once we receive the payment (usually next working day).  Alternatively you can make a bank deposit at any BNZ branch, just make sure to call us once this is done so we can process your transfer

Ezy Pay
Ezy Pay is a popular way to pay your bills in both NZ and Samoa.  All we need is the account name, account number, organisation and village (if applicable).  Your receipt from the respective organisation will be sent back to you within a few days.  Receipts will be sent out faster with an email address. 

Cancellation / Reversal of money transfer:

Should the recipient be unable to access their transfer of funds, a cancellation and reversal of transfer can be requested. We require 24hours to process a request. Sender must call office quoting the receipt number and their membership number.  If no membership number they must return to agent or office where transfer was actioned with photo ID. A service fee may apply.  For further information please contact us.